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Austin Green School is in the beginning stages of development and planning. We hope to open our doors by fall 2013. Our school will be kinder through high school with the possibility of an early childhood center.
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In the mean time please enjoy our blog as we make public our efforts and experiences.
We know the road ahead will be filled with many challenges but we are determined to give the community of Austin
the gift of a progressive educational community. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our journey, background and inspiration

Well, we did it! We are officially here! Our move to Austin was successful and we finally have the internet (being without for almost 2 weeks was very hard for me)! We are so excited to bring to Austin all of the knowledge and experience we have gained the past few years in both Colorado and San Francisco. I thought that this is probably a good time to reflect on the past and share information and resources about our backgrounds. As developers, owners, directors and teachers of our future school, Austin Green School, we want you to know where we came from. So here you go....

I (Jackie Jacobs) went to University of Colorado at Denver to earn a master's degree in early childhood education. While at UCD I was lucky enough to be accepted as an intern at Boulder Journey School, a world renowned Reggio inspired school. It was here that my passion for progressive education was fueled. Following is some info on BJS....

Please copy and paste to read about the teacher education program that I completed, see pictures of BJS and read about their conceptual framework. This is an amazing school and I highly recommend visiting the site.  

Also this is an amazing blog that highlights many progressive schools. Here they highlight the works of BJS click to view BJS Highlight

 Please watch the  below video from a talk given by a mentor  at Boulder Journey School

You may also enjoy this "Google Tech Talk"  given by Dr. Ellen Hall, Excecutive director and owner of Boulder Journey School and Dr. George Forman, "Playing your way to Harvard"

Rob Noelke (Co-Owner, Developer and Director) went to CIIS in San Francisco California to study Integrative Health and Holistic health practices at the master's level. It was here that he gained knowledge and practices that benefit the human mind, body and spirit. Rob felt a deeply positive impact on his own life from this newly acquired information and lifestyle and has developed a strong desire to share his experiences and expertise with all people regardless of age. He believes that wellness and spiritual practices should be an integrated part of any progressive curriculum and should contribute to the foundation for a better life. 

Here is a link to Rob's program Integrative health

Rob also has a certificate from sound and conciousness institute, is a certified life coach and licensed heartmath provider. If you would like any further information on these practices please email Rob at or