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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Visual Arts: Inspiration from the College School

Beautiful Art Studio (Altelier) from the College School

 As we develop Austin Green School we look for inspiration from schools around the country and the world. The College School in Missouri is a wonderfully progressive and innovative school that is also inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and is committed to sustainability. We plan on using The College School as a resource to guide us when developing our own visual arts curriculum. The following is copied from the College School website so you can read about their visual arts program from which we gain such great inspiration!

Visual Arts

The visual arts are very important throughout The College School. Students both work with one of three art teachers in specific art classes and also in various thematic classes where the arts are integrated into the subject matter.  Working in small groups, students are engaged with a variety of materials and creative processes.
  • Key Stage One (Pre - 2nd Grades) - Students are introduced to color mixing, using both watercolor and tempra paint, drawing from observation, and a variety of clay experiences which can include functional pieces or more typically small animal forms.
  • Key Stage Two (3rd - 5th Grades) - Students continue their exploration of all the above materials at a higher level of understanding. They are challenged with self-portraits, wheel throwing and more advanced clay sculpture, architecture and drawing.
  • Key Stage Three (6th - 8th Grades) - Students have three semesters to choose classes in the art room. Among the classes offered are: Drawing, Architecture, Graphic Design, 3-D Art - including clay, stone, glass and wood, Digital Photography, and 2-D Art. They can also select a third semester where they work with artists from the community where they look together at how life influences ideas in art.

In addition the 4th and 5th grades collaborate with sets and props each winter in the art room as part of the 4th  /5th grade play theme. They mix colors, design, and paint the sets.  They are also responsible for researching and creating props for the play out of a variety of material.

Some recent projects in the art room have included creating famous artist portfolios complete with student reproductions of major works, tile mosaic designs for our front entryway, and 3-D clay vacation postcards. Students have also worked on intricate drawings of knots in climbing ropes and have painted their interpretations of musical compositions or various plants growing in our greenhouse.