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Austin Green School is in the beginning stages of development and planning. We hope to open our doors by fall 2013. Our school will be kinder through high school with the possibility of an early childhood center.
If you are interested in helping us in any way please email us at
In the mean time please enjoy our blog as we make public our efforts and experiences.
We know the road ahead will be filled with many challenges but we are determined to give the community of Austin
the gift of a progressive educational community. Wish us luck!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Goals for 11/7-11/11

I have decided to post our goals for each week as we develop AGS. Here you go......

Goals for November7-November 11, GO AGS!!!
As always tell as many people that will listen and post a minimum of 3 blog post each week!

Get sample schedules from schools that implement the project approach/Reggio
-what do we think of using a block schedule to allow for more time on each project, each day?

We are going to need some standards or what I would like to refer to as guidelines or goals for each grade level and subject. Do we want to take standards from different states and incorporate the ones we feel are most valuable? Do we want to find a private school with a list of standards?  Start researching which ones are most progressive and what will support our vision the most.

How do we want to introduce reading and math concepts? Which programs or philosophies do we find most beneficial. Waldorf? Montessori? Etc.

Continue to look for churches, schools and large building for sale. Also for land.

Talk to a business expert about our plan to help us formulate our next step.

Begin developing personal wellness and spirituality programs. What are the concepts that we feel are important for children to learn at each grade level? How will we introduce these concepts and support them ?